Saturday, July 3, 2010

even Larry David is enthused in Washington Square Park

You never know what you'll find strolling through Washington Square Park – a man dressed as a wolf with a guitar, the infamous "bird man," a calm crowd of readers and sunbathers . . . or perhaps, Larry David.

That's right, live and in person, the one and only Larry David was filming Season 8 of his show Curb Your Enthusiasm in WSP Friday.

 If you were lucky enough to be passing through, you could pull up a seat to watch . . .  as long as you weren't in between the camera and the planted extras.

Such as the two women (in blue and yellow) or the skateboarders learning the precise path and timing of their "just-happened-to-be-there" addition to the background.


But alas, if you were looking for stardom or to become Larry's best friend, you weren't gonna find it Friday.

This guy, complete with wife-beater and cast, asked to play a lead role:

The crew answered his pleas with "yea, we'd like to be in the show too."

But although I didn't ask for my one way ticket to Hollywood, I did get pictures.

Larry David runs:

Larry David and Cheyenne Jackson (who plays Danny on 30 Rock) film their big scene.  The girl seated in the background with the art board is planted – she didn't even have paper to sketch on.

Even Larry has to stretch . . .

but I have to say, Cheyenne Jackson looks like he works out a bit more frequently.

And look who showed up. . .

 Jeff Garlin, who amused the crowd by entering their photography wars –  snapping more pictures of them than they could capture of him.

The crew, including Larry Charles:

Larry Charles, writer for Seinfield and a director for Curb Your Enthusiasm:

This guy's got a hat:

And then all of the sudden, they were gone.  Packed up and relocated within about 20 minutes.

To WSP's chess player corner:

Where Larry Charles and the others seemed content leaning on the railing like us commoners do until their chairs arrived:

And the great thing about WSP is that Larry David can film his show in one corner while just a few yards away everyone is unawares.  I found some of my friends on the West Central walkway, enjoying their afternoon on the bench with no Larry David knowledge.

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