Thursday, July 8, 2010

so long Hamptons, I'll summer in WSP

Though many New Yorkers left the city by droves for their long Fourth of July weekend, plenty still settled their beach towels on the newly reopened Northwest lawn of WSP.

Known as the Large Lawn, the expanse offers more than enough seating options for park-goers who want a closer connection with this particular grassy New York spot.

The Northwest quadrant of WSP closed for renovations from December 2007 to May 2009.  This renovation provided the quadrant with expanded lawns, new sidewalk pavers, and new benches.  However, the expanded lawn was "temporarily closed" again throughout this spring and early summer.  Combine this with the current renovations of the Eastern lawns and sunbathers were left with limited options amongst the small south central plots.

But the Large Lawn opened just in time for the long holiday weekend.  And trust me, everyone noticed.

Whether wanting to sunbathe, lounge in the shade, nap, or chat with friends, more than a few New Yorkers found the perfect locale on the Large Lawn.  Bathing suited or fully clothed, alone or with friends, you can find a spot on the lawn and slip into anonymity a safe distance from walkways and potential gawkers.  And if you're like me and want to sunbathe while your companions want the shade, the lawn is just for you - with both sunny and shady sections, you won't have too large a compromise.  

The Large Lawn is perfect for those lazy summer afternoons.  But just remember that the key word here is "lazy."  The posted signs warn park-goers that this is a "Passive Lawn," meaning that active sports, dogs, littering, and the use of illegal drugs or alcohol are specifically prohibited.  Sorry guys, your game  will have to go somewhere else - I'm sunbathing without a helmet and I'm not watching out for stray footballs. 

A big "thank you" must go out to WSP for opening its lawn to those of us who stuck around last weekend.  Sure, I may not have brushed elbows with any Real Housewives in the Hamptons, but I assure you that my tan got just as golden.

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